Keith Partridge

Native Wood pen


These beautiful pens are made from native woods that have been recycled from red zone housing here in Christchurch, and that alone is enough to make them unique - but the man who makes these is someone very special... Keith Partridge is 94 years old, and he's quite the character! He is an old school master craftsman who has high standards that he holds himself to. He thinks he has made more than 7000 of these pens in his professional lifetime, and each one is meticulously crafted and as perfect as a living material can be.

Keith has no time for the internet, so if we want some pens we have to order "old school style" and ring him up, and then he will pop into the store, usually self driving in, in his electric car!
I think when you hold this perfectly balanced, handcrafted and humble item in your hand, you feel a connection to the creator, and the echo of its former life as floorboards or furniture in a once loved family home.

Refills are easily purchased from any good stationery supplier.

**PLEASE NOTE that each pen has the name of the wood written on it in ink, in Keith's handwriting. Bear in mind he is 94, and his handwriting is very neat, but occasionally a tiny bit shaky. Have a look at the photos to get an idea. We think it adds the the overall charm of these lovely gifts 🥰

This product is handmade in Christchurch

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