• Tiki Monstera Wall Clock

    Erin Simpson

  • $129.00

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  • Description

    Introducing kiwi designer Erin Simpson!

    "I discovered a love for drawing when I was very young and today, drawing is what I do to calm my overactive mind and channel my thoughts into a creative outlet.
    Many of the motif designs you see throughout my collections, have been inspired by my upbringing the Waikato and our rich history in Māori culture"

    These uniquely Kiwi clocks were designed with New Zealand's natural and cultural heritage in mind. Bring your favourite room to life with a piece of NZ made Kiwana!

    320mm Wooden Frame Clock featuring Erin's Tiki design.
    The clock features a silent movement with a blonde wood frame and glass front.
    Sits 45mm deep from the wall.

    This product is Designed and made in New Zealand

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