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    We are proud to stock this beautiful range of healing balms from Christchurch healer Manaaki Mama.

    Manaaki Mama products and services are imbued with MAURI and AROHA and linked to DIVINE SOURCE! Her products are created from our beautiful native RAKAU and infused with MAGICK for you to enjoy...


    PHYSICAL: The Whatukura Balm is a potent healer for broken bones, arthritis, inflammation, sprains, strains, bruises, back pain, aching muscles, rheumatism and even gout.

    METAPHYSICAL: On a cellular level this balm is designed to shift blocks and facilitate in the release of deep intergenerational trauma.

    Ingredients: Tupakihi ~  Horopito ~ Cayenne ~ Kowhai ~ Karakia (in a grapeseed oil base with beeswax) (not for use while pregnant)


    PHYSICAL: This all purpose balm can be used as an overall moisturiser and has proven extremely effective for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, insect repellent/bites, nappy rash, dry and itchy skin, chafing and minor burns.

    METAPHYSICAL: A gentle healing system awaits in this divinely inspired jar of goodness. Whilst healing the symptoms on an exterior physical level the balm also gently releases old traits, patterns and energies that may not serve you. This balm has been known to ACTIVATE and AWAKEN people into their soul purpose whilst also offering a 'mothering' level of support for its users.

    Ingredients Kawakawa ~ Kumarahau ~Kopakopa ~ Kowhai ~ Karakia (in a grapeseed oil base with beeswax)


    This product is handmade in Christchurch

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