• Ceramic Soy Melt and Oil burner

    Kandle Co

  • $26.00

  • Description

    We are devoted fans of using scented soy melts! We melt these in the store every day and the first thing many people say when they walk in is "what is that AMAZING smell"!

    In order to melt them you will need one of these gorgeous melt burners. These are also suitable for oil burning too (with water)

    You simply place a melt on the top of your burner, light a tea-light candle underneath and as the melt liquefies, let the beautiful aroma fill the room. Once the tea-light is extinguished the melt will solidify and can be used again and again.
    We have these burners available in 2 colours - cream and coral.

    Soy melts are available for purchase on our website too!

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