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    The Dark Heart Beard Co

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    We are proud to represent these wonderful products from The Dark Heart Beard Co!
    They believe simple, fresh, botanical ingredients of the highest quality are all your skin needs. Their nutrient rich, intense formulations mean your skin requires less to achieve a superior result.
    They believe it is better to have fewer products, which can be used for a variety of applications, this ensures items are used regularly, therefore remaining fresh, whilst reducing environmental impact.

    This WHisy and Spice Aftershave Tonic is made with real NZ Whisky, distilled by the Thomson Whisky Distillery. This tonic will soothe & protect your skin as the alcohol acts as an antiseptic, while the oil provides much needed moisture, post shave.

    THE CRAFTSMANS NOTES: "I am a foodie at heart and a whisky lover. I’m interested in the idea of combining flavour profiles to develop and refine the scent of a blend. We were looking to create our first product for both bearded and unbearded men. I thought that using the whisky as a toner would create both a cool, masculine aroma and work well with the type of scent profile I wanted to round out the range. We’re passionate about collaborating with other companies who have turned a devotion for their craft into a business with depth and meaning. We reached out to Thomson’s to provide the whisky and discovered that Matt Thomson, owner and master craftsman at Thomson’s was bearded. We’re very proud to be working with Thomson’s who not only have fantastic products but are also committed to honouring and preserving their craft"

    INGREDIENTS: Avocado Oil*, Kawakawa Infused in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Macadamia Oil*, Thomson Manuka Wood Smoke NZ Whisky, Virginian Cedarwood Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil *Certified Organic

    This product is handmade in New Zealand

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