• Eco Spider Catcher


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  • Description

    Its the best gift ever - the Eco Spider Catcher! With one of these beauties you can safely and quickly remove a spider (or any insect) from your home environment, without killing it or using harmful sprays - and it will live to see another day, being a happy part of the eco system (just not in your bedroom hehe).

    Catch and gently release as required all your unwitting spiders, moths, butterflies :)

    1 – Squeeze the handle/lever so the plastic bristles open.
    2 – Position the open bristles over the insect you wish to capture.
    3 – Swiftly release the handle so the bristles close.
    4 – Pull the captive insect away from the surface
    5 – To release the insect squeeze the lever so the bristles reopen.

    And carry on happily with your day :)

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