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    We are all very proud of this local independent company that is fast taking over the world with their wonderful products!

    Ethique (pronounced Eh-tique) is the French word for ‘ethical’ and is the first beauty company in the world to develop an entirely solid product range. All products are sold in compostable packaging, meaning zero consumer waste.
    Ethique’s dedication to sustainable beauty practices has prevented the manufacture and disposal of more than 150,000 plastic containers worldwide, and is driven by the hashtag #giveupthebottle.
    The bars are super concentrated and made with potent natural ingredients - no nasties, they are cruelty free and vegan.
    Solid bars last between three to six times longer (depending on the product) than bottled products because they’re super-concentrated.
    Ethique use biodegradable ingredients and wrappers so the solid bars leave no trace on the planet. You can pop the compostable wrapping in your compost bin. No bottles, jars, lids or pump dispensers contributing to landfill or oceanic pollution.
    They are certified climate neutral, cruelty free and a living wage employer.

    With these new sampler packs, you can sample Ethique's range of best-selling hair products, or introduce a friend to a lifelong passion!
    Its a great way to discover your favourites, a fantastic gift idea, and is packaged in a delightful 5 pack box

    There are 3 sampler packs available - search "Ethique" to see all 3 options.

    The RED sampler box is for your FACE and you receive a sample size of each of these:
    Bliss Bar
    Bliss Bar is a luxuriously creamy, gentle face cleanser created for normal to dry skin types. If you are a lover of coconut, this face cleanser is for you! Removes makeup like a dream. Made with creamed coconut, coconut milk powder and clay, it removes makeup and gently cleanses without stripping even the most sensitive skin. 100% soap free. Fragrance free.

    The Perfector
    The Perfector is a solid face cream, described as the 'Lewis Rd Chocolate Milk' of moisturisers, The Perfector packs a hydrating punch for dry and mature skins. Made with kokum and cupuacu butters (both renowned for their essential fatty acid contents and barrier protection), coconut oil and a blend of ingredients which help blur out any skin imperfections. Can be used in the evening as a night cream, or in the morning before makeup. If the latter, leave about ten minutes between application of moisturiser and application of makeup.

    Saving Face Serum
    Saving Face is pure luxury. Made with Cupuacu, Shea & Illipe butters and Rosehip & Pomegranate oils. These ingredients have high concentrations of antioxidants, phytosterols, polyphenols and fatty acids to promote firm, hydrated skin. You can use Saving Face in two ways; either as a nutrient and hydration booster under your normal face cream or as your only moisturiser.

    Gingersnap is a creamy, delicious and slightly spicy facial exfoliator. Made with brown sugar, Jojoba oil, ginger, vanilla and a hint of cinnamon, this bar gently buffs away old skin cells and leaves a light layer of moisture behind. Perfect for all skin types and a great cleanser on it's own - so you don't need to use two products.

    In Your Face
    Ever seen how amazing your skin is after swimming in the sea? We have based In Your Face on the sea, most importantly its salt content. IYF is made with Coconut oil, Mandarin & Sweet orange essential oils, Cocoa butter, fresh raspberries and lots of sea salt. IYF is designed as a face cleanser, but works for those with acne and other problem skin. It smells amazing and is perfect as an all over body wash for all skin types and body parts. IYF has a gentle lather and can help soothe irritated skin.

    Each sample weighs between 10-14g giving you ample chance to try each product. The samples come in a chocolate box style package, which is 100% compostable.

    This product is made in Christchurch NZ

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