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    Gerty Brown

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    Morag from Gerty Brown has designed and created these genius head wraps AKA "Girl bands".

    They have a piece of wire inside each girl band that runs end to end, and allows you to twist it, wrap it and rock it! These look great on everyone - and suit small heads as well as big ones because you can twist more or less fabric to suit. We love these as the fabric choices are amazing, and they dont give you a pressure headache the way that other tie-on versions do! Plus they are reversible to give you an alternate look - its 2 in 1!

    82cm long when flat

    Assorted fabrics and wire

    Artist statement: "I love to sew, create and drink coffee.
    Most days you'll find me on my living room floor, with fabric strewn around everywhere... I love mixing up patterns, colours and textures to create something bursting with personality! I don't like wastage (it's the Scottish blood in me), so I store all my scraps of fabrics as I know I'll eventually find a use for them.
    {Gerty Brown was my great grandmother's name, which I always liked and thought it perfectly matched my quirky mix of fabrics and individual style} "

    These items are handmade in New Zealand

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