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    "Manaaki" means hospitality, kindness, generosity, support in Māori - the process of showing respect, generosity and care for others and how we make them feel welcome.

    Manaaki is a social enterprise based at Omaka Marae in Blenheim, that that has been developed through a desire for the Marae to remain self sustaining, and therefore self determining.
    Their dream is to preserve the skill of preserving and promote healthy lifestyles by sharing healthy natural kai, and to educate whānau about rongoa Māori (natural medicinal remedies).  At the same time they are creating an opportunity for whānau to acquire the skills needed to produce, market and sell the marae products.
    They are part of the young generation learning the traditional skills of preserving kai that their elders know so well,  and we are proud to be able to share their delicious, handmade Manaaki condiments with as many homes as possible.

    Kamokamo Pickle is a tasty sweet and sour combo, with a hint of turmeric and mustard to top it off. Kamokamo is a uniquely New Zealand heritage vegetable. As a tāonga crop, Māori have long been its custodians. Closely related to marrows, courgettes and gourds, it has a mild, nutty flavour and is rich in potassium, zinc and dietary fibre.
    It goes with anything and everything! Definitely not one to sit at the back of the fridge.
    • Great on antipasto platters and cheese boards
    • A yummy addition to roast beef sammies and other meats
    •  Partner up with your breakfast bacon and eggs
    • Or try as a side with a curry

    net weight 180g
    gluten free

    These products are handmade in New Zealand

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