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    Melissa Sharplin

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    Born in Christchurch, New Zealand, Melissa discovered her passion for realism at an early age, exploring with acrylics, sketches and moving into a more ‘Pop Art’ style during her early twenties.
    Initially Melissa’s painting style used the dry brush technique, with acrylic paint. However, this was superseded in later years, with mentoring from New Zealand based artist Michael Mischewski, as she explored with oil paints, giving better depth of colour and flexibility in her work.
    Melissa then moved to England for five years, completing two exhibitions and winning ‘Most Popular Painting Award’ in 2002. She also worked extensively on international commissions, before returning home to New Zealand on larger collections.

    Since then, her reputation as one of New Zealand’s most talented female artists has flourished. She has featured in several high profile publications including Her Magazine, Homestyle Magazine and Nightline.

    Theses gorgeous Maori Doll prints are from her latest NZ inspired print series.


    Acrylic and graphite on paper

    Dimensions 21x21cm

    Maori Doll 1
    The first drawing in a set of three.  This doll is wearing a full traditional outfit worn by members of Kapa Haka groups for concerts and events, she wears a Kahu huruhuru (feather cloak) Pari (bodice) Tipare (headband) two Poi (balls on string) which are swung to music and song and are hanging from her waistband of her Piupiu (flax skirt) - around her neck is a Pounamu pendant.

    Maori Doll 2
    This is the second drawing in a series of 3 vintage Maori dolls.  He is wearing a Kakahu (feather cloak) with Taaniko design band, a Pounamu Tiki pendant around his neck and he is holding a Taiaha.

    Maori Doll 3
    This is the third in a series of 3 retro/vintage maori dolls, this wahine is wearing a Korowai (feather cloak) and Tipare (headband)

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