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    Mighty Wallet

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  • Description

    These awesome wallets are made from a single sheet of Tyvek, which is thousands of interlocking recycled plastic fibers, which have combined to produce a paper like wallet which is durable, thin, tear-resistant and water-resistant.

    Invented in 2005, it is a slim folded eco-friendly and vegan alternative to old-fashioned bulky wallets.

    The mighty wallet is 100% recyclable, has no animal by products or plant matter, and is a long-lasting sustainable choice for those who care about the future of our planet.
    The slim profile, lightweight design, and indestructible features makes the mighty wallet the perfect accessory for the adventurer who is always on the go!

    We have 5 styles available! The artwork featured on each wallet supports independent artists and designers around the globe.

    + 2 large pockets for cash and receipts
    + 2 credit card pockets that expand to hold lots of cards
    + 2 quick access business card pockets

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