• Moa Diorama - Port Hills Canterbury

    Emily Thomas

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  • Description

    This stunning Moa Diorama is handmade locally by Emily Thomas and is an absolute work of art!

    The word "diorama" originated in 1823 as a type of picture-viewing device. The word literally means "through that which is seen", from the Greek di- "through" + orama "that which is seen, a sight". The diorama was invented by Louis Daguerre and Charles Marie Bouton, first exhibited in Paris in July 1822 and in London in September 29, 1823.
    The current, popular understanding of the term "diorama" denotes a partially three-dimensional, full-size replica or scale model of a landscape typically showing historical events, nature scenes or cityscapes, for purposes of education or entertainment.

    Emilys Moa Diorama depicts a scene high on top of the Port Hills of Canterbury. A Victorian couple are surveying the land before them, from atop their Moas. The scene is printed on 3 separate pieces of glass and gives a fantastic illusion of depth.

    Emily has always had an interest in costume design, and after graduating in Auckland she spent eight years working as a full-time costume designer and maker at the Court Theatre in Christchurch. She has recently moved to Nelson with her partner, and is loving the warm creative community environment there.

    Measuring approximately 30 x 22 x5 cm, it has a saw tooth style fitting on the back to help you hang it.

    This product is Handmade in Christchurch


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