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    Clarrys believe in keeping things natural, simple, healthy and good for the natural environment. In their workspace in Dunedin they create Pure Olive Soap – no other added oils or fats (unless required – e.g. goatmilk or hemp oil) using a traditional slow and natural method of soapmaking. The soap is blended with wild herbs or flower botanicals, raw honey collected from their own hives in their backyard and therapeutic plant based aromatherapy essential oils. Suitable for many skin types.

    Olive Oil has been used in soapmaking for generations and creates a skin nourishing, low irritant, antioxidant rich beautiful face and body wash soap. Very gentle, suitable for all skin types…young and old.

    This Clarry’s Aromatherapy Wellbeing range captures the use of natural therapeutic essential oils to help to bring balance to the human mind, body and spirit. Add some aromatherapy to your daily bathing rituals....and wow they smell absolutely divine!

    We have the following available in a large boxed size:

    SOUL - stimulate, balance and calm

    MOBILITY - aid joint mobility and muscle tone

    VITALITY - revive, stimulate and invigorate

    BREATHE - encourage easy breathing

    REST - promote relaxation and rest

    This product is handmade in New Zealand

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