• Yarn bump - white 2 ply

    Plump and Co

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  • Description

    The craze for XL knitting is taking the world by storm and we are delighted to be able to offer a NZ made product to help you produce your XL knitting treasures.

    Plump and Co yarn has been designed to incorporate key elements for the most enjoyable experience and product. Its soft and comfortable against the skin and is low-maintenance with a low pilling, and is specifically designed for textile use. Its creation was a labour of love, and this is reflected in the quality of each bump sold - and in every piece completed.

    This yarn is made to last, but they do need your help to remain in their best shape. Handle and store with care, and try not to bring it into contact with rough surfaces and sharp objects, and avoid any pulls or damage. The yarn has been specially designed to have a low pilling quotient, however it’s difficult to avoid forever - pilling may also occur simply as the natural result of friction. Never fear, a careful snip with some scissors will restore your creations to its original glory!

    1ply bumps are approximately 400cm in length, 2ply bumps are approximately 550cm in length

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